Scarecrow supported by Carole Palmer & Maria Barham

Saturday, 17 January 2015 @ 19:30 – 22:00
Phillip Benson or Stephen Beeson
01827 711514 or 01827 713634

scarecrow1Put together three talented & creative musicians – one from a classical background, one from a folk background, and one from a jazz and blues background, and you would expect to get something a bit special.  (When it happens, the members of Scarecrow will be at the front of the queue to book tickets to see the first gig!)

David is the natural leader of the band and has all the characteristics needed for the job – he’s got a car that the PA fits in, and he’s bigger than the other two. He is probably one of the best whistle players in the area – if you get a chance to chat with him during the evening, he will be happy to confirm this.

Rey is the theorist of the band.  He plays bass guitar and flute, sings, talks about flattened fifths and mixolydian minors, and reprimands the other members of the band during practices. He brings a classical influence to the band, or in other words, he doesn’t use his thumb when he plays the guitar.

Gordon is the guitarist and brings the jazz/blues side to the band, which means he does use his thumb when he’s playing the guitar, and can claim that any mistake he makes is actually an obscure jazz chord. He’s been playing the guitar since a string broke on his bass and he couldn’t work out how to replace it.


barhampalmer_900_1Carole Palmer and Maria Barham are 2 established singer-songwriters who met at a festival and decided to work together to see if their music ‘gelled’. It did and does and, though still available as solo artists, they can be heard performing their songs together with great effect, with beautiful close harmonies enhancing their lyric-based self-penned songs, thoughtfully chosen covers and traditional folk songs.

In her previous life on the folk scene, Maria supported such artists as Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan.

afc_logo_500Maria has 2 Albums available: ‘Like Home’ and ‘Take the Tide’.
Visit www.mariabarham.com for details.

Carole says: “I’ve been writing songs and singing forever. Check out the songs and make up your own mind. Come to a gig, that’ll give you more idea of what I do. Well, I write songs, and then I sing ’em. But you knew that.”


carole and maria

In association with Atherstone Folk Club